Intrernational Ultraviolet Association (IUVA): let's celebrate 20 years.

IUVA international conference (International Ultraviolet Association), the most important body for regulation, research and promotion of the use of UV technology for disinfection of air, water and surfaces, will be held in Sydney from 10 to 13 February.
The association's mission is to make UV techology a leading application for public health and environmental use and to position IUVA as the main authority on the use of this technology through support to all sectors of education, industry, research and public policy throughout the world. IUVA was founded in 1999, and in 20 years its role has become more and more important for our entire industry.
We will make a long trip to Australia to stay up-to-date on research trends and listen to speakers from all over the world, which will open the door to the most innovative applications and the most relevant scientific data. We will also participate with our knowledge to share with the market all the latest news, our experiences and our most relevant application cases. See ya there mates!