New look for Light Progress Website

For Light Progress 2015 has been a very important year of growth and new ideas birth and development.
The website redesign was a must and we could not just stop at this, we wanted to innovate, to communicate better our products and provide more active support to our partners and also pay a closer look to our customers.
Although the new website is online, we ask you to be patient for a few days if it won’t be perfect, we are still working on it, but we could not wait to show you all the work done behind the scene during past months.
Devices categories are very different, we think now it is much easier to access the contents divided into four categories: Air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC), which also includes the product range for greases and odours treatment in industrial kitchens, then you will find Food, Health and Water.
We also decided to dedicate a Reserved Area to our distributors, and to all the technicians who wish to have more information, and insights of Light Progress wide range of product.
We are sure you will appreciate our new look, we welcome your suggestions and your can always send  requests to info