STET CUBE is ready

After STET CLEAN, launched in 2016, we realized that it was necessary to find a way to adapt this extraordinary and unique LED-UVC disinfection technology of stethoscopes to all the models used by doctors. There are a lot of stethoscopes available on the market, and not all are included in the overall dimensions that can be used with STET CLEAN, the portable automatic system of Light Progress, designed in collaboration with egoHEALTH. For a year now we are following the project of a system adaptable to any model of stethoscope, big, small and of any brand. It was not easy, but our research has been fruitful and we are finally ready for the production of the first series of STET CUBE. Our hope is that more and more we talk about infection prevention in the healthcare world the more attention to hygiene practices will be paid. We also hope that STET CUBE will "help its brother" STET CLEAN to make these procedures automatic for all doctors, nurses, and professionals of the world health world. Now there are no more excuses ... did you disinfect your stethoscope? :)