Traditional cleaning methods often aren’t enough to ensure the high levels of hygiene that can only be achieved using UV-C technology. All structures occupied by many different people effectively need to be disinfected to maintain high standards of hygiene and quality, particularly in special environments and sectors that have dealings with the community, food production and pharmaceutical industries.

The Light Progress range includes “fixed” disinfection systems such as standard ceiling lights, or “mobile” systems that can be moved as needed to different areas, and which include automatic safety checks that prevent improper and potentially dangerous use by operators.

UV-C: for guaranteed deep sanitisation of surfaces

Environments play a key role in the transmission of diseases: in addition to normal manual cleaning activities, the introduction of UV-C technology combined with traditional methods can prove to be highly effective.


The benefits

of original Light Progress products

our range stands due to its advantageous solution because:

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It includes multiple products that are created and can be adapted for application in all the different parts and components of new and existing HVAC systems.

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It is rated by simulating the possible results, using a highly reliable technique with dedicated software. The calculation for the design of the single UV system is based on the size of the rooms and available exposure times. The system can be fully adapted and integrated also thanks to the use of convenient accessories, which are included.

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It is composed of systems tested by universities and independent bodies, demonstrating its efficacy and guaranteeing its results.

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It has the greatest variety of models and offers excellent value for money


How it works

UV rays eliminate up to 99.999% of microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria, destroying their DNA or RNA with minimal effort and without the use of hazardous chemicals or gases. The UV rays do not leave any residue, so the environments are immediately ready for use without any risk.


Custom solutions

We turn challenges into solutions.

We are therefore able to develop special systems for application in different contexts: we guarantee efficacy, simplicity of use and safety for all custom projects. We will guide you in selecting the ideal product from within our range, composed of hundreds of different systems, proposing the solution most suited to your needs


Ultraviolet rays are electromagnetic waves which are part of light. Electromagnetic waves are divided into three main wavelength bands, expressed in nanometers, nm: Ultraviolet rays (UV) 100-400 nm Visible rays (light) 400-700 nm Infrared rays (IR) 700-800,000 nm UV rays are in turn identified in three bands:

  • UV-A (315-400 nm) with tanning properties;
  • UV-B (280-315 nm) con proprietà terapeutiche e di sintesi della vitamina "D";
  • UV-C (100-280 nm) with germicidal properties.

UV-C rays (100-280 nm) have a strong germicidal effect and reach their maximum efficacy at the 265 nm wavelength. The germicidal effect of UV-C radiation covers bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, moulds and mites; this is mainly due to the destructive effect of the UV-C rays on their DNA, which damage their reproductive system and prevent them from replicating.

Bacteria, Viruses, Spores, Fungi, Mould, and Mites are all sensitive to, and can therefore be eliminated with, UV-C light. Mircrobes cannot acquire resistance to UV-C light, unlike that which occurs using chemical disinfectants and antibiotics. UV rays are ecological. Polluting the environment is inevitable using normal disinfectants. Directly inhaling the vapours, or swallowing food products contaminated by any contact with said chemical disinfectants, can also give rise to a number of serious risks. In cases where chemical disinfectants cannot be eliminated (food, pharmaceutical, healthcare industries, etc.), using ultraviolet rays for disinfection allows a reduction in their use, with considerable economic savings and greater care for the environment, while maintaining and almost always improving the level of disinfection. UV-C light devices can be installed in environments and on machinery and be programmed to maintain the same level of disinfection day and night, guaranteeing ideal hygiene conditions, without highs and lows. On the contrary, chemical disinfectants are effective only during their actual use. Using LIGHT PROGRESS equipped luminaires, operating costs are negligible; it could be said that “LIGHT PROGRESS” UV-C systems do not require maintenance except for the normal replacement of the lamps. The cost/benefit ratio is considered excellent; the devices are both powerful and long-lasting. Hence the elimination of germs using UV-C technology is low-cost and highly effective compared to (or in combination with) other systems.

UV-C light genuinely works if properly applied and with the necessary precautions. The difference between a quality project, and an application that fails to bring the desired results, lies in the degree of knowledge about the subject, and level of experience acquired over time. Light Progress has been developing successful projects worldwide since 1987, and has built a client portfolio consisting of important companies in all fields requiring certified hygienic conditions to produce quality products and services.